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Our Hand Tool Roll Bag has been designed with firefighters in mind. However, this tool roll bag can be used by auto mechanics, aircraft mechanics, train or diesel mechanics. Our tool pouch stores your tools safely and securely; and yet does not take up much space. The pockets and pouches have been designed to carry and store the various hand tools you would want on hand. While on the job, the tool roll bag can be unrolled and the required tools can be retrieved quickly, safely and efficiently. Made of a durable and hardwearing fabric, this handy equipment bag can be secured or opened with the heavy gloves on that firefighters use. The flat pockets in the tool bag allows for easy insertion of tools such as axes, rescue tools and any small hand tools. Printing can be customised for easy identification. For storing power tools, the Power Tool Roll Bag can be used.
Hand Tool Roll Bag Opened Hand Tool Roll Bag

NOTE: size of the Power Tool Roll Bag is different to what is shown in picture

Made in 18oz Vinyl. Standard colour is red. See below for available colours A durable and hardwearing fabric
Two corresponding 1" velcro hook and loop strips Holds roll bag closed
3"x5" ID pocket with velcro tab closure Allows for identification of tool bag
Nylon binding around edge of entire bag Reduces tearing and extends wear
Three padded pockets with flaps, ½” gusset, and velcro closure Holds multiple tools
Flat pockets Allows for easy insertion of tools
One ¾" velcro strip on bottom right flat pocket To secure items in pocket
Printing Printing can be customised
  • Approximate dimensions when open: 35.5"L x 26"H
  • Approximate dimensions when closed (empty): 9”L x 17"H
  • Approximate dimensions of flat pockets:
    • 2 pockets of 3.5"L x 9.5"H
    • 2 pockets of 3.5" L x 5.5"H
    • 3 pockets of 4.75" L x 4"H
    • 3 pleated pockets of 4.25" L x 9.5"H
    • 3 pleated pockets of 4.25" L x 5.5"H
  • Available colours: Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Red, and Royal Blue.
  • SKU#:
    • FIRE-13 Hand Tool Roll - 35.5x26
    • GEAR-08 Hand Tool Roll - 35.5x26
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