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Bag Care Instructions

Trevor Owen Limited strives to produce the finest bags available. With the proper care, your Probag will provide years of unfailing service.

Nylon Fabric Protection Treatment
Before using your Probag, treat it with a fabric protector that can be used on nylon. Use of a fabric protector helps to repel water and prevent stains from forming on your bag. Zippers should be treated with a silicon lubricant so they can function more smoothly.

Washing Instructions
Remove the inner foam, replaceable bottoms and shoulder straps before washing your bag. Treat stains with a household stain remover after you have tested for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area. Machine wash your bag on the Normal cycle in warm water. Hang to dry or tumble dry on the Delicate cycle. Treat your Probag with fabric protector after washing. Front loading washing machine recommended.

Special Note
When storing and using your Probag, ensure that no hard objects rub against the zippers. Failures caused by this type of wear may not be covered under the warranty.

Helpful Hints

When opening and closing zippers, pull slightly outward to reduce the chance of binding. Change the replaceable bottom once you see signs of wear before any damage is caused to the bag itself. Replacement bottoms are available from Probags by Trevor Owen Ltd.
If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your new bag, please call 1-866-487-2224. We would be glad to help.
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