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Biohazard Packaging

Biohazard Packaging can be used for a variety of commercial, industrial and medicinal needs. Biohazard bags can be used for the storage and shipment of biohazardous materials, bulk specimens and cryo-boxes. Both low pressure and high pressure Biohazard Bags are available that meet internal pressure test requirements for DOT, ICAO and IATA.

Our Biohazard Bags are perfect for clinical trials. Lean more by clicking on each Biohazard Packaging product.

Self sealing 95 KPA high pressure Biohazard Bags.

Heat Sealable Plastic Bags can contain bulk specimen shipments and cyro-boxes.

Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bags have a tight seal that can only be cut or torn open.

Clear Asbestos Waste Biohazard Bag collects, transports & disposes of asbestos-contaminated materials.

Asbestos Waste Burial Bags made of black reprocessed LDPE film.

Biohazard Waste Liners are economical for the safe disposal of infectious waste.

Extra heavy duty Radiation Packaging are colour coded to differentiate primary radio-active waste from buffer area waste.

Use Rigid Drum Liners to line the drums that contain transuranic waste.

This low density Contaminated Linens Gusseted Liner is free of heavy metals and safe for landfill or incineration.

Biohazard Sleeving provides a practical and effective solution to disposing of radio-active and contaminated material.

Use polypropylene Autoclavable Bags to keep medical equipment and supplies sterile.

This low density Chemotherapy Waste Gusseted Liner helps safely transport hazardous chemotherapy waste products.

This low density Infectious Waste Gusseted Liner has a strong bottom seal.

Use the low density Contaminated Disposable Gusseted Liner with imprinted warnings to identify hazardous or contaminated contents

Self locking nylon ties are available to use with the Biohazard Message Gusseted Liner.

We maintain the ability to fill any size order and take pride in delivering the Biohazard Packaging you want, when you want it. We are your professional Biohazard Packaging specialists you can trust for timely deliveries.

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