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Plastic Drawstring Container Liners

This waste management product is easy to put into place. Securing the Plastic Container Liner with a drawstring eliminates the problem of the liner falling into the container while filling with waste. In addition, the drawstring keeps the liner in place during adverse conditions such as strong winds or heavy storms. No clips, tape, or tie-downs are required to keep the liner in place. The drawstring design helps to keep the plastic liner in place while providing excellent leak protection thus controlling waste odor. Custom liners can be made to fit almost any application.
Plastic Drawstring Container Liner
Premium reinforced polyethylene. Durable. Provides superior tear and burst resistance
Uses a unique drawstring design Keeps the liner in place, even under extreme conditions. The drawstring can be used after loading as a way to close off the liner and encapsulate special waste streams.
Different drawstring colors are available Colors can be used to decipher bag sizes easily
Custom sizes welcomed This option allows bags to be made to suit your needs.
Plastic Drawstring Container Liners
Order # Dimensions
DCL8228 8' Wide X 22' Long X 8' Deep
DCL82210 8' Wide X 22' Long X 10' Deep
DCL8248 8' Wide X 24' Long X 8' Deep
DCL82410 8' Wide X 24' Long X 10' Deep
DCL82212 8' Wide X 22' Long X 12.5' Deep

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