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Water Bladder Bags

Water can be stored or transported with Water Bladder Bags. The Aqua Tank comes in a variety of sizes that are suitable for your needs. This water dispenser is the ideal water storage alternative to 55-gallon or smaller drums. The Aqua Tank I and II water containers are compact and easily stored – they use no more space than a pizza box before being filled with water. The drinking water from these water dispensers is safe because Aqua Tank water bags are manufactured with FDA-approved, food-grade material.

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Water Blader Bags
Aqua tank water containers are reusable Can be folded or rolled up until needed again
Compact and easily stored Uses a small space when not filled with water
Manufactured with FDA-approved, food-grade material as an economical solution for storing and transporting water. Not all containers are intended for food content. These water containers are and are therefore safe.
The Aqua Tank I is made of a food grade white copolymer. The water is therefore safe for human consumption
The material used for the Aqua tank II is a heavy duty food grade polyurethane coated nylon in yellow More puncture resistant, durable, and compact when stored than the aqua Tank I. It will not wrinkle, crease or crack and is very flexible. The material is suitable for potable water.
The Aqua Tank II includes standard garden hose attachments. The drain sleeve has a male garden hose attachment and the fill sleeve has a female attachment. Makes filling and draining easier. It also gives the ability to be hooked up for other applications.
Water Bladder Bags - Aqua tank I
Order # Dimensions Water Capacity
WBB3330 3’X 3’ 30 gallons
WBB3460 3’X 4’ 60 gallons
WBB36110 3’X 6’ 110 gallons
WBB38150 3’X 8’ 150 gallons
Water Bladder Bags - Aqua Tank II
The aqua tank II tank is a new and improved sturdier version, better suited for transport.
Water Bladder Bag
Order # Dimensions Water Capacity
WBBII3330 3’X 3’ 30 gallons
WBBII3460 3'X 4' 60 gallons
WBBII46150 4'X 6' 150 gallons
WBBII412300 4.5' X 12' 300 gallons
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