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Pro-Pak Universal Radio Case

Your equipment needs to be secure when you are in the line of duty so that it is on hand when you need it. Uncle Mike’s duty gear is crafted to meet the utmost toughness and highest performance standards. For all your law enforcement equipment needs, use Uncle Mike’s high quality duty gear and you will not be disappointed.
Pro-Pak Universal Radio Case
Uncle Mike’s radio cases see you through thick and thin while you are on police duty. You and your radio are put on the same frequency when it comes to all-around tough performance. Each model is engineered to endure the bumps and bangs of everyday use in the field, protecting your most vital link to fellow officers. These radio cases represent strength, impact protection and long life whether they are made from Mirage laminate or extra tough Kodra.
The Pro-Pak Universal Radio Case from Uncle Mike’s is fully adjustable to hold any handheld radio. The radio can be carried with antenna up or down. This radio case offers a quick release buckle to make access to the radio while on police duty both easy and secure. Consider making the flexible Pro-Pak Universal Radio Case from Uncle Mike’s a part of your duty gear.
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