A leading supplier of Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bags

Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bags

This Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bag has a pressure-sensitive adhesive flap that creates a tight seal that can only be cut or torn open. Critical information can be recorded in the white writing area. A bright red band reduces the chance of losing the evidence bag. Record keeping and tracking is simplified with a convenient tear-off receipt. Ties, tapes and heat sealers are available.
Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bags
Made of polyethylene Durable.
Tamper evident Ensures safe disposal
Designed for dangerous goods Ensures contents are safely kept
Contains screened a Biohazard marking Creates awareness of dangerous contents
Tamper-Evident Medical Evidence Bags
Order # Description Dimensions
BPMTE69 Tamper-Evident Evidence Bag (3 mil) 6" x 9"
BPMTE912 Tamper-Evident Evidence Bag (3 mil) 9" x 12"
BPMTE912p Tamper-Evident Personal Property Bag (3 mil) 9" x 12"
BPMTE912w Tamper-Evident Write-on Evidence Bag (3 mil) 9" x 12"
BPMTE1012 Write-on® Evidence Bag (2 mil) 10" x 12"
BPMTE1012p Write-on® Personal Property Bag (2 mil) 10" x 12"
BPMTE1215 Tamper-Evident Evidence Bag (3 mil) 12" x 15-1/2"
BPMTE1220 Write-on® Evidence Bag (4 mil) 12-3/4" x 20"
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