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Stock Bags

Stock Bags are available as well for products that are sensitive to water vapor and oxygen, such as most coffee roasts. The large food bags are suitable for any bulk products including dry pet food, resins, chemicals and other industrial products.
Stock Bags
Many of our bags feature “Easy-Peel” film Provides consumer convenience
Sizes available up to 40lb capacity A range of food bags available for a varied range of food products
There are 2000 stock bags in each case that is ordered.
Stock Bags (2oz/60g)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB2ozc 2oz / 60g Copper
STB2ozg 2oz / 60g Gold
STB2ozs 2oz / 60g Silver
STB2ozcbl 2oz / 60g Cobalt Blue
STB2ozbr 2oz / 60g Brt Red
STB2ozdr 2oz / 60g Dark Red
STB2ozb 2oz / 60g Black
STB2ozgr 2oz / 60g Green
STB2ozw 2oz / 60g White
STB2ozp 2oz / 60g Purple
Stock Bags (4oz/120g)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB4ozc 4oz / 120g Copper
STB4ozg 4oz / 120g Gold
STB4ozs 4oz / 120g Silver
STB4ozcbl 4oz / 120g Cobalt Blue
STB4ozbr 4oz / 120g Brt Red
STB4ozdr 4oz / 120g Dark Red
STB4ozb 4oz / 120g Black
STB4ozgr 4oz / 120g Green
STB4ozw 4oz / 120g White
STB4ozp 4oz / 120g Purple
Stock Bags (6-10oz/250g)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB6ozc 6-10oz / 250g Copper
STB6ozg 6-10oz / 250g Gold
STB6ozs 6-10oz / 250g Silver
STB6ozcbl 6-10oz / 250g Cobalt Blue
STB6ozbr 6-10oz / 250g Brt Red
STB6ozdr 6-10oz / 250g Dark Red
STB6ozb 6-10oz / 250g Black
STB6ozgr 6-10oz / 250g Green
STB6ozw 6-10oz / 250g White
STB6ozp 6-10oz / 250g Purple
Stock Bags (12-16oz/500g)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB12ozc 12-16oz / 500g Copper
STB12ozg 12-16oz / 500g Gold
STB12ozs 12-16oz / 500g Silver
STB12ozcbl 12-16oz / 500g Cobalt Blue
STB12ozbr 12-16oz / 500g Brt Red
STB12ozdr 12-16oz / 500g Dark Red
STB12ozb 12-16oz / 500g Black
STB12ozgr 12-16oz / 500g Green
STB12ozw 12-16oz / 500g White
STB12ozp 12-16oz / 500g Purple
Stock Bags (2lb/1 kilo)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB2lbc 2lb / 1 kilo Copper
STB2lbg 2lb / 1 kilo Gold
STB2lbs 2lb / 1 kilo Silver
STB2lbcbl 2lb / 1 kilo Cobalt Blue
STB2lbbr 2lb / 1 kilo Brt Red
STB2lbdr 2lb / 1 kilo Dark Red
STB2lbb 2lb / 1 kilo Black
STB2lbgr 2lb / 1 kilo Green
STB2lbw 2lb / 1 kilo White
STB2lbp 2lb / 1 kilo Purple
Stock Bags (3lb/1.6 kilo)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB3lbc 3lb / 1.6 kilo Copper
STB3lbg 3lb / 1.6 kilo Gold
STB3lbs 3lb / 1.6 kilo Silver
STB3lbcbl 3lb / 1.6 kilo Cobalt Blue
STB3lbbr 3lb / 1.6 kilo Brt Red
STB3lbdr 3lb / 1.6 kilo Dark Red
STB3lbb 3lb / 1.6 kilo Black
STB3lbgr 3lb / 1.6 kilo Green
STB3lbw 3lb / 1.6 kilo White
STB3lbp 3lb / 1.6 kilo Purple
Stock Bags (20lb)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB20lbc 20lbs Copper
STB20lbg 20lbs Gold
STB20lbs 20lbs Silver
STB20lbcbl 20lbs Cobalt Blue
STB20lbbr 20lbs Brt Red
STB20lbdr 20lbs Dark Red
STB20lbb 20lbs Black
STB20lbgr 20lbs Green
STB20lbw 20lbs White
STB20lbp 20lbs Purple
Stock Bags (40lb)
Order # Size / Weight Color
STB40lbc 40lbs Copper
STB40lbg 40lbs Gold
STB40lbs 40lbs Silver
STB40lbcbl 40lbs Cobalt Blue
STB40lbbr 40lbs Brt Red
STB40lbdr 40lbs Dark Red
STB40lbb 40lbs Black
STB40lbgr 40lbs Green
STB40lbw 40lbs White
STB40lbp 40lbs Purple

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