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Spinal Trauma Bag

Our Spinal Trauma Bag has been designed for EMS, EMT, and FIRE response units. This lightweight bag is ideal for storing the medical equipment required to work with a spinal injury. This lightweight and easy to clean bag can contain seatbelt webbing straps, cervical collars, blocks, and other required medical supplies. Paramedics will find this medical bag roomy and easy to carry to someone requiring treatment for their spinal injuries.
Spinal Trauma Bag
Made of 18oz vinyl, or 420 PVC. See below for available colours Durable, lightweight and easy to clean
#8 black zipper with two sliders in centre of bag Durable and long lasting yet quick and easy access to bag contents
1½" web handles all around the bag Increases strength of bag
Pocket between handles on front of bag with velrco tab closure For personal effects such as keys, wallet, glasses, phone, etc.
3x5 ID pocket with velcro tab and black braiding on top For identification of bag
¼" loose corroplast bottom To stiffen bottom of bag
Printing on centre of pocket Can be customised
  • Approximate exterior dimensions: 18.5"L  x  10.5"H x 9.5"D
  • Approximate dimensions of pocket: 10.5"L x 8.5"H
  • Available colours in 18oz vinyl: Black, Burgundy, Grey, Red, Royal Blue.
  • SKU: MED-Collar-05
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