A leading supplier of Ring Pull II Adjustable Security Seal

Ring Pull II Adjustable Security Seal

The Ring Pull II ® is an Adjustable Security Seal used on a wide range of applications. The Ring Pull II is an excellent Adjustable Security Seal designed to help protect against theft and tampering.

The Ring Pull II Security Seal can be used for:

  • Bags
  • Pouches
  • Truck and Trailer Doors
  • Container Bins
  • Tool Boxes
  • Cabinet and Door Latches
  • Equipment/Inventory Control
  • Tagging
If the style of Security Seal you require is not listed, please give us a call. We are confident we have the Security Seal that meets your requirements.

Ring Pull II Adjustable Security Seal used in a wide range of applications
• Revolutionary bi-directional insert allows tail to be inserted from either side of the security seal.
• Excellent for high volume airline applications.
• Adjustable with over twenty locking positions.
• Self-locking – no tools required.
• Remove by firm pull on seal’s ring or by pulling the tear-away tab.
• Double-wall locking dome protects against tampering.
• Built-in stop protects against tampering.
• Plastic material will blush if seal is manipulated.
• High strength nylon insert.
• Produced in matted format with ten consecutively numbered 7-digit seals per mat.
• Polypropylene – Body
• Nylon – Insert
• Overall length: 8.5" (216mm)
• Flag: 1" (25mm) x .5" (13mm)
• Tail: 4.9" (124mm) x .11" (3mm)
Strength Characteristics: Average pull apart force is 23 lbs (10.5 kg)
Decoration/Printing: Heat stamped decoration to include company name, consecutive number and optional logo
Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Black, White
Packaging: 500/Bag – 5,000/Carton
Product Numbers: 6670200-X – Heat stamped, numbered
Note: X denotes color selection

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