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Fire Hose Strap

To secure a charged hose line for better control and manoeuvrability, firemen use the Fire Hose Strap and attach it to a ladder or other objects. Our fire hose strap is made of heavy duty seatbelt webbing to ensure the strap can withstand the pressure coming from the fire hose when the water is turned on. The metal grommets in the strap will not rip and tear when in use. Ensure your effectiveness in the field with our hardy and efficient fire hose strap.
Fire Hose Strap
Heavy duty 2" seatbelt webbing in orange Durable and hardwearing
One heavy duty 2" roller buckle with prong Allows for length adjustment
Six #1 spur grommets spaced 2" apart Allows for length adjustment
One metal ring, 3" inside diameter and one metal J hook, 3" inside diameter Metal hardware is more durable, stronger and easier to use compared to plastic
  • SKU#: FIRE-03-Fire Hose Strap
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