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Fire Door Security Seal

The exit door must always provide egress in case of fire, but at the same time it provides an easy exit for thieves and merchandise. MRP2 and MRS2 Tamper Indicative Labels let you comply with fire safety regulations, while revealing at a glance, if the door has been opened.

MRP2 Tamper Indicative Labels are constructed of polyester foil with frangible security cuts on either side of the label. This causes the label to self-destruct, rendering it impossible to reconstruct. MRS2 Tamper Indicative Labels are specifically designed for joining surfaces such as doors and are made of pliable vinyl that stretches if force is applied.

Both types of labels have a very aggressive adhesive and are resistant to environmental conditions. They’ll effectively seal your exit doors in spite of weather conditions so you’ll always know if the door had been opened.
Fire Door Security Seals and Tamper Indicative Labels
Protect against exit door accessibility while complying with fire safety regulations by using Fire Door Security Seals and Tamper Indicative Labels.
Pro Bags is a leading distributor of Fire Door Security Seals.
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