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Autoclavable Bags

These Autoclavable Bags are made of polypropylene. The Autoclavable Bags are heat-resistant biohazard bags that keep contaminated medical equipment and supplies sterile and emit less odor when autoclaving.
Autoclavable Bags
Made of polyethylene Durable.
Tamper evident Ensures safe disposal
Designed for dangerous goods Ensures contents are safely kept
Contains screened a Biohazard marking Creates awareness of dangerous contents
Autoclavable Bags
Order # Dimensions Thickness Notes
BPAC812 8" x 12" 1.25 mil  
BPAC1015 10" x 15" 1.25 mil  
BPAC1224 12" x 24" 1.25 mil  
BPAC1924 19" x 24" 2 mil  
BPAC1924i 19" x 24" 2 mil with Hazardous Waste imprint
BPAC2535 25" x 35" 1.75 mil High Density
BPAC3034 30" x 34" 2 mil  
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