A leading supplier of Asbestos Waste Burial Bags

Asbestos Waste Burial Bags

The biohazard Asbestos Waste Burial Bags are made of black reprocessed LDPE film. A warning can be imprinted on the bag at no extra cost. These Asbestos Waste Biohazard Bags are available on a roll.
Asbestos Waste Burial Bags
Made of polyethylene Durable.
Tamper evident Ensures safe disposal
Designed for dangerous goods Ensures contents are safely kept
Contains screened a Biohazard marking Creates awareness of dangerous contents
Asbestos Waste Burial Bags
All sizes of the biohazard asbestos waste burial bags are +/- 1” in the length and width. The gauge is +/- 10%.
Order # Dimensions Color
BPAW33506 33 x 50 x 006 Black
BPAW33504 33 x 50 x 004 Black
BPAW366037 36 x 60 x 0037 Black
BPAW36606 36 x 60 x 006 Black
BPAW386036 38 x 60 x 0036 Black
BPAW38606 38 x 60 x 006 Black

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