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Shrouds are used to contain body remains. The shroud is an opaque white body bag. The front and rear of the shroud are heat sealed to prevent the leakage of any bodily fluids. The bag opens on the longer side.
Made with heavy-duty polyethylene Durable
Disposable extra large sheets Protects linen on removal cots
Protective liner for body pouches Protects contents of body pouches
Chlorine Free Environmentally compliant
Ends are heat sealed Helps prevent leakage of bodily fluids
Made like a canoe For easier, safer handling for transportation and leakage problems
Opens on the 113 side For easier handling of body remains
White opaque Shrouds are available on a roll with different thicknesses.
Order # Dimensions Thickness Qty/Roll Lbs/Roll
S2mil 113 x 20 + 12.5 intuck 2 mil 75/roll 35
S3mil 113 x 20 + 12.5 intuck 3 mil 50/roll 32
S4mil 113 x 20 + 12.5 intuck 4 mil 35/roll 33
A range of shroud kits can be ordered, namely:
  • shroud sheets,
  • underpad,
  • ties,
  • chin-strap,
  • ID tags,
  • red contaminated tag, and
  • shrouds.
Shroud sheets are used for the wrapping up of bodies. These sheets are available in a variety of sizes and come in variety of colors and materials.
Order # Dimensions Material Color
SS7254 72"x54" PVC, PEVA, PP non woven, etc White, black, etc
SS10854 108"x54"    
SS10872 108"x72"    
SS11256 112"x56"    
An Underpad is used to absorb fluids. Different underpad sizes are available on request.
Order # Dimensions Color
UP606045b 60cm x 60cm x 45g Light blue
UP606045w 60cm x 60cm x 45g white
Ties and Chin-Straps are available if desired.
Order # Description Dimensions
TI36 Ties 36" x 2 pcs
TI60 Ties 60"x2 pcs
CS119x9 Chin-Strap 119cm x 9cm
ID Tags are available to identify the body. Red Tags are available to label contaminated body remains.
Order # Description
TA ID Tags with string
TAR Red Contaminated Tag with String
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