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Medical Backpack with pouches (Land 4)

Our Medical Backpack is an essential part of any EMS or Fire trauma unit. All medical supplies can be neatly organized in one hardwearing bag. The pouches allow for easy accessibility to specific medical supplies. As they can be detached, the pouches can be opened individually and used near the patient. The Medical Backpack can be purchased as a complete kit with 7 medical pouches, or without the pouches.The Medical Backpack with pouches is similar to the discontinued Land 4 by Pacific Safety Products.
Made in 1000 Denier. Colours can be customized, see below. A durable and durable waterproof resilient material that is lightweight and easy to clean.
Durable # 10 Double Slider Zipper in black Easy and quick access to all pockets and compartments
Web pull tabs at end of zipper For quick and easy access to all pockets and compartments
Divider Keeps contents separated
Plastic insert on inside lid of bag To record vital signs of patient with a grease pencil in any weather
Mesh cover inside large pockets Holds the contents of bag in place
Elastic loops Allows for organisation of various supplies
2” seatbelt webbing handles folded at the grip: one placed on top of bag, another on the side Durable and comfortable to carry. Allows you to carry the bag in a number of ways.
A 2” removable / adjustable seatbelt shoulder strap with D-Ring and casted swivel hook   Ergonomically designed for comfort and to withstand 10 times more pull pressure
ID pocket, 3”H x 5”W, in centre of small pocket on top of bag with velcro closure tab Allows for easy identification of bag
Hide-away shoulder straps The straps can be tucked away when not in use
⅜ XLPE foam padding on 4 sides of bag A high density and moisture resistant foam that protects equipment from damage
Burfab lining Allows for pouches to adhere to bag
210 lining, black Lining is easy to clean. The colour allows for visibility of medical bottles and supplies
2" Yellow reflexite material The highly reflective material increases your safety day or night.
  • Approximate exterior dimensions without pockets: 13¾”L x 22½”H x 6¼”D
  • Approximate dimensions of IV Kit pocket: 12½" x 9½"H x 3¾"D
  • Approximate dimensions of Intubation pocket: 13" x 9½"H x 4¼"D
  • Approximate dimensions of top pocket: 7¼"L x 6½"H x 2½"D
  • Available colors: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Gold, Forest Green, Red, Orange, Burgundy, and Lime Green.
  • Printing: “IV KIT’ on top pouch; “INTUBATION” on bottom pouch.
  • Seven pouches are included with the Medical Backpack Complete Package. The pouches can be purchased separately. Colours can also be customized:
    • The ALS Arrest Kit Bag (SKU #: MED-PCH-ALS Arrest Kit Bag)
    • The Solutions Kit Bag (SKU #: MED-PCH- Solutions Kit Bag)
    • The ALS Meds700(SKU #: MED-PCH- ALS Meds700)
    • The Fluid Admin Bag (SKU #: MED-PCH- Fluid Admin)
    • The Pharm3 bag (SKU #: MED-PCH- Pharma Kit Bag)
    • The IV Kit Bag (SKU #: MED-PCH-IV Kit Bag)
    • The Intubation Bag (SKU #: S400 Intubation Module)
  • SKU#: MED-BPK-4-Backpack+Pchs-Land4
The Medical Backpack with pouches (Land 4) is Canadian made. We provide excellent service, repair and warranty for all our bags.

We maintain the ability to fill any size order and take pride in delivering the Trauma kit you want, when you want it.

Contact the professional Medical Backpack specialists that you can trust for high quality timely deliveries.
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