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Our designers will custom design the style of EMS Intubation Bag you require. Click on the Intubation Bag images for a more detailed view.
Portable EMS Intubation Bag EMS Intubation Bag is designed for easy organization and quick access for all your supplies.
This portable EMS Intubation Bag is designed specifically to help organize supplies required to do a successful intubation in the field. It has enough space to hold ET tubes, a full set of airways and laryngoscope with its blades. This EMS Intubation Bag is equipped with numerous elastic loops of varying sizes and lengths for tape storage with easy organization and quick access for all your supplies. The black nylon webbing handles are strong and durable; they have the ability to withstand large forces of pressure. The EMS S400 Intubation Module is equipped with two large Velcro strips on the back to make attaching and transporting the Intubation Bag easy and convenient.
Features: Benefits:
Sharp Object Cover Protects user from injury while at the same time protecting supplies from damage.
Velcro Strips On Back Enables the intubation bag to be attached to another bag using Velcro adhesive material for easy transportation
Numerous Elastic Loops and Pouches Allows for better organization and easy access of various supplies
Seatbelt Webbing Loops and Pouches Designed for durability and comfort
1000 Denier Cordura Fabric Waterproof resilient materials that is lightweight and easy to clean.
Closed Cell Foam Padding Protects equipment from damage
Dimensions: 13"L x 9"H x 3"D
Material: 1000 Denier Cordura
SKU#: MED-PCH-S400 Intubation
  • Colours: red, black, royal blue, navy blue, forest green, khaki, lime green, yellow, orange, and gold.
  • Printing: INTUBATION using heat transfer machine with grey reflective
  • 3 large pockets: 7 ½”x 10”
  • 5 ½” elastic strap with 5 loops
  • 3” elastic strap with 3 loops
  • 1 elastic snap
  • 7 ½” elastic strap with 9 loops
  • 6 pouches: 1.5”x6”
  • Padding: closed celled foam ¼” thick
  • Zipper #5, double slider
  • Handles: black nylon webbing, 1 ½” wide
The Intubation Medical Pouch is similar to the S400 Intubation Module by Pacific Emergency Products.

The S400 Intubation Medical Pouch is Canadian made. Trevor Owen Ltd provides excellent service, repair and warranty. We maintain the ability to fill any size order and take pride in delivering the S400 Intubation Medical Pouch you want, when you want it.

Contact the professional S400 Intubation Medical Pouch specialists that you can trust for high quality timely deliveries.
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