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High Rise Hose Pack

Our light weight High Rise Hose Pack, made for PAL Pack, is a high performance firefighting hose pack. It provides a solution to reduced water flow, hose kinks, and the confusion that is characteristic of the current hose containment systems. This improvement is accomplished by containing the hose in two organized accordion tiers. The High Rise Hose Pack can be unloaded, parachute-like, producing a reliable supply of water. The end result is a simple safe and efficient hose evolution.

Pro Bags manufactures the High Rise Hose Pack for PAL Pack and has the exclusive distribution rights for this product.
Designed and tested by Firefighters for Firefighters.
High Rise Fire Hose Pack with tools. High Rise Hose Pack with tools.
High Rise Fire Hose Pack opened High Rise Hose Pack opened.
High Rise Fire Hose Pack closed High Rise Hose Pack closed.
In a dark and smoke-filled hallway a firefighter needs the High Rise Hose Pack made for PAL Pack. Our pack allows charged hose lines in less than 10 seconds. Adaptable to any high-rise fire situation, our organized High Rise Hose Pack is simple, fast, efficient and works in zero visibility operations with no tangles or kinks. Available in a one or two man carry pack, we offer the only High Rise Hose Pack with a built-in hose-evolution - unwinds with no kinks when charged.

High Rise Hose Pack Implementations
  1. HALLWAY EXTENSION: In this evolution the Pack is opened near the hose cabinet. The hose extension is made by grasping the extension flag which is located midpoint on the hose line and extending the hose line away from the hose cabinet.
  2. TWO WAY EXTENSION: This evolution is used to advance hose simultaneously in two different directions. This mode allows fire crews to adapt to situations where a standard hallway extension is not desirable.
  3. STAIRWAY EXTENSION: In the stairway evolution the hose plays out from the pack while the firefighter walks from the water source up to the fire floor.
  4. HIGHWAY EXTENSION: When there is a need to extend a hose system very rapidly beyond the standard pre-connected length the Pack can be used to provide fire crews with a fast and efficient method of extending their pre-connected hose systems.
Product No.
Dimensions (LxWxH)
38mm Fire Hose Pack (6.25"x15"x20")
38mm Fire Hose Pack (6.25"x17"x22")
45mm Fire Hose Pack (7"x15"x20")
45mm Fire Hose Pack (7"x17"x22")
65mm Fire Hose Pack (5"x15"x20")
Custom sizes are also available.
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