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Our Rope Bags have been designed to carry a variety of rope diameters. Make these hardy and durable bags a part of your rescue equipment. We have a rope bag that is suitable for you no matter what your purpose is: fire rescue, RIT (Rapid Intervention Team), water rescue, rope access, or rigging in harsh environments. The rope bags we have to offer help with the handling of rope, resulting in a more efficient way of carrying your rope. Just as no single type of rope will be appropriate for every life safety application, no one size will fit all conditions. A philosophy of “larger is better” leads to problems in handling and compatibility with other equipment, while a philosophy of “lighter is righter” may result in a rope too small. The compatibility of the components in the system you are using needs to be checked. Many conventional rope components such as pulleys and ascenders, for example, are designed for ropes with a diameter of 13mm or less.
Features Benefits
Material: 1000 Denier Cordura. Available colors are: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Gold, Forest Green, Red, Orange, Burgundy, Lime Green A durable and hardy fabric that is waterproof.
1000D Cordura top/bottom with orange mesh in centre The mesh allows water to drain out of the bag so that it won’t sink quickly
Nylon draw string at top with cord lock Allows you to close the bag securely.
One #5 grommet on side at bottom. The bottom grommet allows for drainage
Seatbelt web handles with plastic tube at grip Enables one to carry a heavy load
Seatbelt adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps (no padding) Seatbelt webbing provides strength, durability and long life.
ID pocket at bottom (between shoulder strap web). Open from top. Velcro closure tab Identifies the bag
Double bottom: - ¾” cc foam interior for floatation. -#5 grommet in centre. Allows floating the bag (without rope in it).
Printing: White. Bottom of text, approx 2” from bottom of bag. Helps with bag identification
Rope Bag Diameter and Purpose
The following rope bag tables will help select the correct rope bag.
Rope Diameter Purpose Comment
9mm Expedition caving, personal escape, fixed lines Excellent strength/ weight ratio
10mm Caving, rope access, single person use Preferred by experienced professionals
11mm Rigging, caving, rope access, and rescue A practical multi-purpose rope
12.5mm Fire rescue, rigging in harsh environments A reliable staple on any fire truck
16mm An extra heavy duty work horse Is easy to grip
Rope Capacities and Max Rope Length Classic Static
Bag Bottom Size Bag Height
Rope length 10mm 11mm 12.5mm 16mm    
Personal 12m       5.5" *  
Small 80m 70m 46m 30m 10.5” 14.5”
Medium 120m 100m 75m 61m 10.5” 21.5”
Large 160m 120m 92m 75m 10.5” 25”
X-Large 250m 200m 170m 140m 16.5” 24”
XX-Large 285m 230m 200m 160m 16.5” 28”
* base tapered to 8”
Floationg Rope Bag Order Information:
Order # Dimensions Handle Width
ROPE-BPK-Float-250.110.#5 25”H x 11.0” Diameter 2”
ROPE-BPK-Float-280.110.#5 28”H x 11” Diameter 1.5”
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