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Fire Fighter Mask Pouch

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Use our handy Fire Fighter Mask Pouch in which to store your mask. The tabs on the back of the pouch allow you to hang it for quick and easy access in the fire truck. Made of 10 oz poly mesh, the bright colour allows you to recognise the pouch quickly. The Velcro hook that is used to close the pouch, ensures that your mask is securely enclosed yet easily accessible when needed. Our mask pouch can be an integral part of your firefighter gear.
Made of 10oz Poly Mesh in orange The bright colour allows for quick recognition.
V-shaped flap with vertical strip of Velcro hook that mates Velcro on front of pouch Allows for easy opening and closing of pouch
2"black web 14" across top and three black web tabs on the back of pouch To attach inside fire truck for quick and easy access
  • Dimensions: 14”L x 9”H x 1.75” gusset bottom
  • SKU#: FIRE-05- Mask Pouch-14x9x1.75gusset
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