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Pelican Fire and EMS Hard Cases with Pick and Pluck

The Fire and EMS Pelican hard cases with the Pick-N-Pluck system are designed to keep your supplies organized while they are protected. In addition, the Pick-N-Pluck foam allows you to customize your new Pelican Case to meet your specific needs. This revolutionary foam consists of a layer of convoluted foam for the lid, a 1 inch layer pad for the bottom of the case, and up to five layers of Pick-N-Pluck foam. You are thus able to customize the interior of your Pelican case according to equipment you will carry. In addition being safe from serious impact, the contents of the bag will be securely held.
Fire & EMS Hard Case
How to use your Pick-N-Pluck Foam

This do-it-yourself system helps you to customize the interior of your case in three easy steps. The layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. All you need to do is simply measure your equipment, use tape or chalk to mark the foam, and pluck away.
EMS Hard Cases with Pick and Pluck system
1. Lay item on foam block and outline with chalk. 2. Separate 1/2” cubes from block, following the outline you have drawn. 3. You now have the finished block of Pick-N-Pluck foam. Place the 1” sheet of foam (included with foam set) in the case to protect the underside of your item.
The hardy, crushproof Fire and EMS Pelican Cases have been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as severe physical abuse. Made of stainless steel with easy to open double throw latches and padlock protectors, this Pelican Bag has a comfortable over-molded handle. The included o-ring and automatic pressure valve seal out dust and water, while allowing air molecules to pass through. The bag is thus made airtight. In this way, it is ensured that any altitude change will not prevent you from opening the case at any crucial moment. To suit your needs, these crushproof and watertight Pelican cases are available in different sizes and a range of colours: black, silver, orange, yellow, and desert tan. A personalized nameplate service is available. Invest in a product with a lifetime guarantee of excellence.
Order # Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Pick-N-Pluck System
PnPcase1500 18.50” X 14.06” X 6.93” 16.75” X 11.18” X 6.12” Pick-N-Pluck with convoluted lid foam
PnPcase1550 20.62” X 16.87” X 8.12” 18.43” X 14.00” X 7.62” 2 level Pick-N-Pluck w/ convoluted lid foam
PnPcase1600 24.25” X 19.43” X 8.68” 21.43” X 16.50” X 7.87” 2 level Pick-N-Pluck w/ convoluted lid foam
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