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EMS First Aid Kit Bag

Our designers will custom design the style of EMS First Aid Kit Bag you require.
Our comprehensive EMS First Aid Kit Bag allows you to be prepared for any emergency situation.
Our comprehensive EMS First Aid Kit Bag allows you to be prepared for any emergency situation. Its various pockets and elastic loops are designed to help organize supplies for easy access and quick retrieval. The elastic top pockets prevent equipment from sliding out into the rest of the EMS bag thus keeping your supplies in order. Wraparound webbing handles provides reinforcement and extra support. The simple design of our EMS First Aid Kit Bag allows you to carry a variety of different products to meet your own needs to better serve patients in the field.
Features: Benefits:
Large side compartments Allows for quick access of flashlights, ammunition and other large equipment
1000 Denier Durable navy blue water repellent material that is lightweight and easy to clean.
Semi-rigid exterior The bag is able to maintain shape and protect its content from damage with its padded sides.
ID Pocket Easy indentification of the bag.
SKU# Med-First Aid/Trauma 010
Dimensions 19.5"L x 8.5"H x 5.0"D
Interior Finishing Front side flat pockets:
  - 210 black lining with elastic on top
  - 4 pockets 7”H x 4.5”W
  - 4 pockets 4.5”H x 4.5”W
Back side flat pockets:
  - 1000D Navy Blue 8”H x 19.5”W, Velcro closure
On face of pocket, elastic loops:
  - 1 strip 7@ .5”H x1.0”W
  - 1 strip 2@ .5”H x1.0”W
Printing (optional) TRAUMA or FIRST AID
White, between handles, on front of bag only
Shoulder Strap
1.5” black seatbelt web, adjustable/removable, with x-foam.
  • Rigid plastic padding
  • #8 black zipper (two sliders) across top and to bottom of both sides
  • Two 1.5” D-Rings, back of bag, top, corners
  • 2” black seatbelt web handles around entire bag, 4.5” rise, folded at grip, spaced 7” apart
  • 2" *White* Relfexite across entire front of bag approx 1” from top
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