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Canadian Coin Counters & Sorters

Our Coin Counters and Sorters have been made with the precise adjustments required for Canadian coin currency, including the Loonie and the Toonie.

Coin Counters and Sorters
Batching feature Useful for packaging coins into coin wrappers
Precise settings for each of the Canadian coins is indicated on the machine directly Merely set the knobs to the coin size being counted and the machine will work perfectly
Offsorter function Sorts coins one denomination at a time
Simple adjustment for the coin's diameter and another easy adjustment to set the coin's thickness Ensures coins are sorted accurately
Variable batch setting from 1-9999 Includes stop settings for bagging or wrapping coin
Main chaises structures are constructed from a strong, yet lightweight, metal alloy protected by an attractive high impact plastic case Long lasting durability through years of heavy use is assured
Slim and compact with large base The design saves space and the large base ensures stability
Comes with a one-year factory warranty that covers parts and labor. Warranty extensions are also available at one or two years past the initial one-year factory warranty.  

Two machines are available for the Canadian coin currency. A comparison chart of the two models available details the characteristics of each. Both coin counters are suitable for heavy duty use by vendors, banks, credit unions, casinos, retail stores, amusement stores/parks, laundries, car washes, law enforcement, and government facilities.

MODEL S-120 S-140
Order # TOL720-30120 TOL720-30140-CN
Hopper size 1500 coins 4000 coins - includes auto feeder
Counting speed 2000 coins per minute 1800 cpm
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Power Electric Electric
Gives $ total No No
Off sorts Yes Yes
Multi sorts No No
Wraps Yes Yes
Foreign/tokens Yes Yes
Portable Yes No
Net weight 34 lbs (approximate) 18 lbs (approximate)

Canadian Coin Counter and Sorters

CHCC720-30140-CN S-140 Push button controls for most common functions
CHCC720-30120-CN S-120 Lid acts as an inspection tray for funneling coins into the coin hopper. Closed lid protects the control panel and the hopper
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