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When buying Check Trays, two options are available: the Straight Wall Check Tray and the Rib Wall Check Tray.

Features: Benefits:
Moulded high impact ABS plastic Durable
Design allows for stacking Space-saving
Nesting not recommended  
Straight wall or ribwall cheque trays available A cheque tray is available which will suit your needs
The trays are available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Tan, Gray, Red and Hunter Green. Check Trays may be color-coordinated
Full height front/back walls To protect contents
Low side wall For easy media access
Index holder moulded in tray front Able to label tray contents
Straight Wall Check Trays
Straight Wall Check Trays can be ordered empty or with a slide follower/ metal compression follower. Whatever your choice, a Straight Wall Check Tray in the color of your choice will help create order in your office.
Straight Wall Cheque Trays
Order # Check Tray Type Dimensions
CT209-94250 empty Inside: 8.62 x 4 x 21.5 (empty)
Outside: 9.25 x 4.7 x 23.5
CT209-94261 w/ metal compression follower Inside: 8.62 x 4 x 21.5 (empty)
Outside: 9.25 x 4.7 x 23.5
CT209-94260 w/ slide follower Inside: 8.62 x 4 x 21.5 (empty)
Outside: 9.25 x 4.7 x 23.5
Plastic Adjustable Divider
Use a plastic adjustable divider to position as needed to hold media or to create multiple pockets in the Rib Wall Check Trays.
Plastic Adjustable Cheque Tray Divider
Order # Dimensions Color
CTD209-83040 Made of durable ABS plastic Available in black only
Sawtooth Check Tray Rack
Keep all your check / document trays in order. A Sawtooth Rack finished in black can be used to hold 4 Check Trays for easy sorting.
Sawtooth Cheque Tray Rack
Order # Dimensions Notes
CTR205-10914 29”W each unit Holds 4 check trays

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