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Canvas Coin Bags

Our canvas coin bags are made from unbleached canvas, a fabric that is durable and hard-wearing resulting in a long life. These long lasting cloth bags can be used to ship or store your coins or tokens. Your money bag can also be made in a polyethylene material, a tear-resistant fabric that is moisture proof. These reusable canvas bags can be closed in two ways. Choose the way in which you close your mail bag:
  1. The coin bags can be hemmed and cinched closed with an adjustable length security seal, or
  2. Grommets can be inserted into the top of the cash bag and used to thread through an adjustable seal or drawstring.
The seals used to close the bag are adjustable and tamper evident. Look at the seal we have available to complete the cash handling system you have in place. Your canvas coin bag can be customised by choosing the dimensions required for your needs. Printing can also be customised, allowing for quick and easy identification.  
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Made of 10oz unbleached canvas Creates a durable and hard wearing cotton coin bag
Options available for closing For quick and easy access to coins or tokens
Printing can be customised Allows for quick and easy identification
The table below details the sizes available:
Order # Dimensions Notes
Coin-13.0x6.0 13.0H" x  6.0"W Opening at 6" top
Coin-13.0x6.5 6.5"W x 13.0"H Opening at 6.5" top
Coin-13.0x8.0 13.0"H  x 8.0"W Opening at 8" top
Coin-14.0x6.5 14”H x 6.5"W Opening at 6.5" top
Coin-16.0x6.5 16.0H" x 6.5”"W Opening at 6.5" top
Coin-16.0x8.5 16”H x 8.5"W Opening at 8.5" top
Coin-16.5x6.5 16.5"H x6.5"W Opening on the 6.5"W top
Coin-16.5x7.0 16.5”H x 7.0"W Opening at 7.0" top
Coin-16.5x8.0 16.5H" x 8.0"W Opening at 8" top
Coin-18.0x12.0 Flat 18"H x 12"W Open at 12” top
Coin-20.0x12.5 20.0”H x 12.5"W Opening at 12.5" top
Coin-20.0x9.0 20.0”H x 9.0"W Opening at 9.0" top
Coin-21.0x12.0 21.0"H x 12.0"W Opening at 12" top
Coin-24.0x24.0 24”H x 24"W Opening at 24" top
Coin-30.0x12.0 30"H x 12.0"W  Opening at 12" top
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