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Chlorine Free Body Bags

Non-Vinyl medium duty Chlorine Free Body Bags comes with electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA Regulation 3130. This environmentally friendly body bag is also commonly referred to as a Chlorine Free Body Pouch.
Part No. Description
BBIS-70CF 22 x 30 (56 x 76 cm) CF Infant Size
Straight No. 5 Zipper Body Bag
BBCS-70CF 36 x 60 (92 x 153 cm) CF Child Size
Envelope No. 5 Zipper Body Bag
BBENV-70CF 36 x 94 (92 x 239 cm) Adult Size
Envelope No. 5 Zipper Body Bag
Chlorine Free Body Bag

  • Electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA Reg. 3130
  • Standard FEMA Blue Color for visibility as well as to facilitate forensic and documentation photography
  • Impervious abrasion resistant and highly tear resistant co-extruded scrim supported polyethylene material highly resistant to zipper tear-out without use of reinforcement tape.
  • Available with Dual No. 8 or No. 5 Padlock Style zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag and allowing use of tamper resistant tags to secure the closure
  • Envelope style easy access zipper opening
  • 100% Chlorine Free - Environmentally EPA compliant - no PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) material used in manufacturing
  • Each Bag Packed with ID tag kit
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