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Pandemic Body Bag

Our Pandemic Body Bag is made from a special polyethylene woven fabric that is exceptionally strong and durable. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions while still containing all body fluids within the Body Bag to prevent leakage or seepage. Our Pandemic Body Bags have a 10-year shelf life warranty ensuring safe disposal. This is also commonly referred to as a disaster pouch or disaster body bag.

Our designers will custom design the style of Pandemic Body Bag you require. Click on the images below to see a more detailed view of each Pandemic Body Bag.

Pandemic Body Bag Pandemic Body Bag with Handles
Pandemic Body Bag Pandemic Body Bag w/ Handles

Features: Benefits:
High density polyethylene woven fabric, 1200 Denier 10-year shelf life warranty. Pandemic Body Bag fabric has a thickness of 8 mil with 2 mil low density polyurethane coating on both sides for a total of 12 mil thickness.
Leak proof material and zipper Our Pandemic Body Bags prevent leakage and seepage of bodily fluids
Minimum burst point of 280 PSI ASTM-D-751
Minimum tensile grab strength of warp 300, weft 300 ASTM-B-1682
Effective in cold climates Cold crack of -40C
Safe Disposal - EPA compliant Non vinyl material, safe to cremate or bury
Weatherability Special UVI treatment provides 80% strength retention after 2000 hours in a watherometer.
Tex 69 thread Extra strong, long life, waterproof thread used specially for Pandemic Body Bags
2-way plastic #10 zipper Waterproof zipper with metal tabs, self-repairing, non locking, white colour. The zipper is positioned in either a crescent shape or a straight zipper.
7 stitches per inch with outer stitching 3/16’ from the edge Our Pandemic Body Bags have secure edges that are durable and strong for transporting purposes.
Body Bag corners are back folded 4’ for strength Strengthens the edges of the Pandemic Body Bag to prevent tears as well as to provide handles*
Optional carry handles Additional support to carry bags with inexperienced personnel

  • Pandemic Body Bag Dimensions:
    • 36’ x 84’
    • 36’ x 90
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