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Locking Night Deposit Bags

Our Locking Night Deposit Bags securely store coin, currency, cheques and important documents. The size selection and colours available, with the option of an ID pocket, ensure that the Locking Night Deposit Bags you order suits your needs. In addition, your customised Locking Bank Bags can be imprinted for easy recognition. These bank and money Bags may be used as a reusable Night Deposit Bag, or as a locking bag to handle internal cash or document protection in any business.

Bank Bags and Money Bags
Double stitched seams Bag is able to withstand the impact of the deposit drop as well as daily abuse
Talon Woven Coil, Heavy Duty Nylon Curved Zipper Durable
High security, sturdy spring-loaded action, metal pop-up lock Easy open and close, easy access
Standard Keying Option: Keyed differently. 2 keys are included with each bag. A master key can be purchased separately. Also available: keyed the same, 2 keys are included with each bag. Keying option available to suit purpose
Framed ID pocket option. 3.5" x 2.5" window to ensure return of the bag in case it is misplaced or left behind

The bank deposit bags are made up in a choice of fabric. Each fabric has its own benefits.

Expanded vinyl Expandable fabric with vinyl coating. Has a glossy texture with a leather-like grain. Easy to clean.
Laminated nylon 3-ply construction of 70 denier fabric with waterproof
polyvinyl coating & cotton twill backing. Provides greater strength and puncture
resistance than standard nylon
Canvas Rugged, 2-ply cotton canvas is very puncture & wear-resistant and
water-repellent. Thick weight & rigid construction is designed for rigorous
CORDURA®PLUS 1000 denier Cordura® is the accepted standard for
maximum durability. This is a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions,
tears, scuffs and punctures.
The following locking bank deposit bags are quick orders. On quick orders ID pockets and imprinting are not available.

QUICK ORDERS for Night Deposit Bags 8X10 exterior (7x9.5 interior):

LBD610-20810-YL Canvas Yellow
LBD611-30810-BK Laminated Nylon Black
LBD611-30810-TL Laminated Nylon Teal

QUICK ORDERS for bank deposit bags 11x15 exterior (9.5x14 interior):

LBD611-21115-BU Laminated Nylon Burgundy
LBD611-21115-FG Laminated Nylon Forest green
LBD611-21115-NB Laminated Nylon Navy Blue
LBD611-21115-RD Laminated Nylon Red
The following selection can be used to create your own customised locking bank deposit bag. The ID pocket and imprints are optional for all selections. The available colours are below the tables.

Bank Deposit Bags 8X10 exterior (7x9.5 interior):

LBD610-90810 Canvas No
LBD612-90810 1000 Denier Cordura® No
LBD613-90810 Expanded Vinyl No
LBD611-90810 Laminated Nylon No
LBD610-10810 Canvas Yes
LBD612-10810 1000 Denier Cordura® Yes
LBD613-10810 Expanded Vinyl Yes
LBD611-10810 Laminated Nylon Yes

Bank Deposit Bags 8X14 exterior (6.75x13 interior):

LBD610-90814 Canvas No
LBD612-90814 1000 Denier Cordura® No
LBD613-90814 Expanded Vinyl No
LBD611-90814 Laminated Nylon No
LBD610-10814 Canvas Yes
LBD612-10814 1000 Denier Cordura® Yes
LBD613-10814 Expanded Vinyl Yes
LBD611-10814 Laminated Nylon Yes

Bank Deposit Bags 9x12 exterior (8x11.25 interior):

LBD610-90911 Canvas No
LBD612-90911 1000 Denier Cordura® No
LBD613-90911 Expanded Vinyl No
LBD611-90911 Laminated Nylon No
LBD610-10911 Canvas Yes
LBD612-10911 1000 Denier Cordura® Yes
LBD613-10911 Expanded Vinyl Yes
LBD611-10911 Laminated Nylon Yes

Bank Deposit Bags 11x15 exterior (9.5x14 interior):

LBD610-91115 Canvas No
LBD612-91115 1000 Denier Cordura® No
LBD613-91115 Expanded Vinyl No
LBD611-91115 Laminated Nylon No
LBD610-11115 Canvas Yes
LBD612-11115 1000 Denier Cordura® Yes
LBD613-11115 Expanded Vinyl Yes
LBD611-11115 Laminated Nylon Yes

Available colours:

Canvas Yellow, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, White, Natural, Black, Burgundy, Brown, Kelly Green and Purple
Cordura® Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Dark Gray, Teal, Black, Burgundy, Brown, Gold, Orange and Yellow
Expanded Vinyl Peanut, Brown, Maroon, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Gray, Kelly Green, Dark Green, Regal Red, Paprika Red, Persimmon, Black and White
Laminated Nylon Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Black, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Purple, Navy Blue, Teal, Pink, Yellow, White and Gray
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